Wednesday , January 23rd 2019
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Fun Action Camera – Campark ACT74R

The world of action photography exploded a few years ago when the GoPro was introduced.  All of a sudden, anyone could capture the types of fast moving action shots that make us go ooh and ahh.  If you’re a serious photographer, then GoPro still leads the field and is the go-to camera.  But if you just want to have some fun, catch some great still and videos, and still have some money left over, then check out the Campark ACT74R.

This Action Camera Campark ACT74R kit is a full package comes all set to go.  Unpack it from the box, charge the batteries, pop in a Micro SDS memory card, and go out shooting.  The kit includes a waterproof case, remote control bicycle mount, and a bunch of zip ties and straps to fasten it down wherever you want.

Campark ACT73R

Campark ACT73R

Control your camera with the RF Remote control that straps on your wrist.  It’s waterproof to 3 meters which is fine for surfing or splashing around the beach, but don’t take it on deep dives.  The RF remote has a 45-foot transmission range.

WiFi is built in with a 10 to 20 m range (30 to 60 feet).  Connect with your mobile or laptop to monitor your recordings in real time, or use it as a remote control.  Or share real-time on social media.

The waterproof case is good to 30 meters, about 98 feet.  That’s deep enough most divers, and great for snorkelers, surfers, and skiers.  The waterproof case also seals out dirt dust and sand, so you’re ready for cycling, motocross, snowboarding, hunting, or just about any outdoor sport.

Two batteries are included.  They’re the only add-ons that I recommend for a full photo shooting day.  They’ll last a long time with still shots or 1080p video, but 4K moves a lot of data and goes through batteries fast.  Extras are readily available and can be charged by USB right in the camera.

The Campark ACT74R shoots video at 4K.  That’s four times than 1080P cameras.  4K gives you super fine detail and clarity.  Videos are recorded in the standard MOV format which makes them easy to view.  Or it can be set to capture amazing time-lapse sequences at 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, or 60-second intervals.

Still photos are at your choice of resolution from 19 megapixels down to 5.  There’s a 3 frame burst mode along with a self-timer too.  The lens is wide angle with 170 degrees of high-resolution coverage. Set up your photos on the 2 inch on camera LCD, or your WiFi connection.

What’s Missing?

As an old-timer who has worked with cameras for years, I find it amazing to talk about all of these features on a camera kit that is priced this low.  It’s easy to use and the pictures are great.  Yet, it’s not quite professional quality. A commercial photographer wants a  smaller unit with greater control.  And extreme sports enthusiasts probably want a unit with more durability.   These can be small steps feature-wise but are big steps dollar-wise.

If you’re a photo pro with the need, technical knowledge and budget for perfection, move a step up to something like the GoPro.  But, if you’re a sports enthusiast who wants fantastic stills and videos without a lot of expense, the Campark ACT74R is for you.