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Xixihaha 28 in 1 accessories Kit for GoPro Hero 5 Action Video Camera Waterproof Case Storage Bag Bike Mount Selfie stick Diving filter Silicone Protective Case for GoPro Hero5 black Outdoor Sport DV

Product Features:

    Package List1xWaterproof Case for Gopro Hero 51xLens Filter Housing Case Cover for Gopro Hero 51xsilicone case for Gopro hero51xLens Cap for Gopro Hero51xAdjustable Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick Monopod1xStorage bag1xFloating Grip+One Screw1x Plastic Wrench1xPhone Clamp1xHandlebar Seatpost2x Pivot Arm1x Plactic screw1xTripod adapter1xJ-Hook Buckle Mount2x 6Pieces Anti-fog interts1x Cleaning ClothSimple easy…
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45.99   21.99

Product Description

Package List
1xWaterproof Case for Gopro Hero 5
1xLens Filter Housing Case Cover for Gopro Hero 5
1xsilicone case for Gopro hero5
1xLens Cap for Gopro Hero5
1xAdjustable Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick Monopod
1xStorage bag
1xFloating Grip+One Screw
1x Plastic Wrench
1xPhone Clamp
1xHandlebar Seatpost
2x Pivot Arm
1x Plactic screw
1xTripod adapter
1xJ-Hook Buckle Mount
2x 6Pieces Anti-fog interts
1x Cleaning Cloth

Product Features

  • Simple easy to wear and operate, quick-release with your sports cameras for gopro hero5, convient to make photo video shooting
  • Widely application , like skiing, mountain biking, moto racing, or other you like outdoor sports.
  • Assistant of filming making best partner.
  • Bike Tripod Mount + Tripod mount adapter + Long Screw Bolt- Within the rubber clamps grips, the mount kit could be tightly fixed on the handlebar. Suitable for Bicycle and Motorcycle handlebar mount.
  • Floating Handler Bar keeps your GoPro afloat so you can shoot in and around the water worry-free.Protective PC lens cover: it can protect camera lens from dirt, scratches, etc


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